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The 10 Best Wine Bars in Dallas

The 10 Best Wine Bars in Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas. In Dallas, that includes the wine lists at local bars. We’ve taken the time to put together the best places to drink wine in the Dallas area for you to enjoy.

The Best Wine Bars in Dallas

Barcelona Wine Bar

This wine bar will use a combination of food, atmosphere, and drink to transport you to Spain without ever leaving your seat.

On the menu, you’ll find tapas-inspired dishes alongside charcuterie and snack boards.

Designed to pair stunningly and continue you on your journey to the flavors of Spain is the extensive wine list.

Highlighting the country of inspiration, you’ll find 20 sprawling pages filled with primarily Spanish wine. Other growing regions are included and are sure to please.

Let your senses take you on a journey guided by Barcelona Wine Bar.

  • Location: 5016 Miller Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Bodega Wine Bar

Here to serve you great wine via flights for tasting, glasses, or a full bottle. Everything on the menu is hand-selected by an in-house sommelier and is chosen to delight.

You’ll find a cozy and intimate atmosphere made possible by cushioned couches and a fireplace.

It’s a great spot for an after-dinner cocktail with a date. Or make a date happen right at Bodega as they offer small options like charcuterie, but allow you to bring your own food in as well.

Selections come from a variety of regions, including domestic and international options. Your first stop into Bodega most definitely won’t be your last.

  • Location: 6434 E Mockingbird Ln #109, Dallas, TX 75214


This might just be the best wine bar in the city. No matter your wine-drinking experience, there are 48 rotating options to choose from, all served from a state-of-the-art pouring system.

Grab a small bite while talking with the knowledgeable staff about recommendations and getting answers to any questions you may have.

While trying to decide, you can sample any of the wines by getting a 1 oz pour, and then when you decide, you can bump that to a 6 oz pour.

And be sure to check out their bottle shop. With 350 options, you’re sure to find something you love.

  • Location: 3636 McKinney Ave #170, Dallas, TX 75204

Cru Food & Wine Bar

Reminiscent of a Napa-style wine bar, you’ll find a relaxed atmosphere and American fare, including classic cheese plates alongside wood-fired pizzas.

All of these pair nicely with the wine list, designed to be approachable and never snobby.

There are 30 by-the-glass options on top of the 300-bottle options. Growing regions from all around the world are included, and there is something for every price point.

The staff at Cru want you to learn about and enjoy what you’re sipping on, so they’re happy to help you decide and offer recommendations.

No matter your experience with wine, the experience with Cru will be sure to level up your expertise.

  • Location: 3699 McKinney Ave #107, Dallas, TX 75204

Distinctive Vines

This laid-back wine bar is designed to bring the comfort of your own living room into a fun social environment.

Here you’ll find wines highlighting regions from all across the globe, offered up by the glass or bottle.

You’ll also find a small menu for when you need to grab a bite.

But when you can’t stay or need a bottle for a special occasion, check out the retail shop. So pick one of their pre-built flights or select one of their other delicious options and relax with friends. You’ll feel like Distinctive Vines is your home away from home.

  • Location: 1110 Akard St, Dallas, TX 75215

Leelas Wine Bar

This is a fun and boho-chic wine bar offering dozens of wines to choose from, all served fresh on tap.

They focus on being eco-friendly and reducing waste in the wine industry, hence the wine on tap.

Here you’ll find a casual yet upbeat atmosphere perfect for a girls night out or a weekend of wine drinking.

Lounge on the patio under cloth umbrellas and enjoy the Dallas heat while sipping on a glass or bottle with friends.

When you need a bite to eat, grab one of their flatbreads or salads to pair. This may just become your new neighborhood favorite.

  • Location: 1914 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Neighborhood Cellar

Touting the award for 2019 Best Wine Bar in Dallas, Neighborhood Cellar lives up to the hype.

This low-key tasting room doubles as a retail shop for all your wine-drinking needs.

The exterior is covered in brightly painted murals, while the interior is light and bright, perfect no matter the time of day.

They offer tastings and flights so you can sample the best of what they have to offer.

And once you’ve found ‘the one,’ grab a bottle from the shop to take home with you.

Be sure to check out their pop-up wine classes, where you can learn more about styles, varietals, or growing regions while enjoying delicious examples of each.

Don’t miss out on this great local wine hangout.

  • Location: 246 W Davis St, Dallas, TX 75208

Trova Wine Market

Trova includes not only a wine bar but a market as well. This stylish space includes wine options by the glass and, of course, hundreds of options by bottle.

Let them help you discover a new favorite or pick out a bottle for that special occasion in your life.

You’ll find options ranging from bubbly to red, white, and even dessert wines. Bring a friend or two, and snack on charcuterie while sipping through their menu.

And if you’re looking to learn a little more, sign up for one of their wine classes.

An industry professional will teach you more as you enjoy wines highlighting specific regions, styles, and wineries.

  • Location: 4004 Villanova St, Dallas, TX 75225


At Veritas, you’ll find a traditional pub atmosphere with dark wood and walls piled high with bottles upon bottles of fine wine.

In fact, there are over 400 options to pick from. You can choose to enjoy a glass or bottle, and the menu selections change frequently.

You’ll find growing regions from all over the world on the list, including Georgia, the country, California, France, and more.

They frequently offer wine happy hour sales and have fun holiday-themed events throughout the year.

Between the charcuterie, 30 by-the-glass options, and rotating selections, Veritas has something for everyone.

  • Location: 2323 W Henderson Ave #103, Dallas, TX 75206

Wine Tastic

Casual yet trendy, this wine bar includes a retail shop that will blow you away with delicious selections from around the globe.

Enjoy one of their many selections by the glass. Or pick out a bottle from the shop, and when you find something you really love, you can even purchase a case.

When you’re ready for a more involved experience, pick out one of their tastings.

Each is hand-selected by its own sommelier and includes a flight of 5 whites, reds, or specialty wines.

Grab a friend or a date and enjoy a relaxing night out while expanding your wine knowledge. And maybe just find your new favorite wine too.

  • Location: 4140 Lemmon Ave #130, Dallas, TX 75219

Final Thoughts

After exploring the extensive wine lists and big flavors these locations have to offer, you’re sure to agree.

Everything’s bigger in Texas. And in the case of the wine scene in Dallas, things sure are better too.