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Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach Review

Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach Review

The story of Stella Rosa starts in 1917 when the Riboli family founded Los Angeles’ historic San Antonio Winery, which lives on to this day and specializes in producing sweet red wines which are soft and easy to drink.

The winery survived prohibition and, nearly one hundred years later, began catering to the growing desire for light, sweet, flavored wines which emerged in the marketplace.

Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach Review

This bottle is undoubtedly one of the most popular offerings from Stella Rosa and was one of the first in their line of flavored Moscato d’Asti offerings, which I saw launch to the top of sales charts.

I have sold hundreds of bottles of this to people preparing for weddings, parties, and get-togethers of all kinds.

One thing to consider with these bottles is that they are artificially flavored. Therefore, I tend to view them less as traditional wine and more as wine-based cocktails or flavored beverages.

I feel it is fairer to judge them as such than to judge them as traditional wine.

Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach Summary

  • Brand: Stella Rosa
  • Country: California / Italy (see above)
  • Region: Asti, in the Piedmont region
  • Wine Type: Dessert Wine
  • Varietal: Muscat
  • ABV: 5%


Honestly, the wine is somewhat unremarkable in the glass. It is a bright golden color, so the appearance certainly lives up to the label, at least.

There are some incredibly fine bubbles in the glass, but far less than in Champagne, Prosecco, etc. More of an effervescence than a sparkle.


The wine smells like what you would expect. It smells sweet, almost to the point of being cloying. You definitely get notes of honey and a peach candy-like flavor. Think more peach gummy rings than peach fruit.


Again, you get what it says on the tin. The wine is pretty one-dimensional through and through, but it does what it is supposed to.

Peach candy, honey, and a slightly artificial taste run throughout with a finish that lingers on for a bit longer than I would have expected.

What Does Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach Pair With?

Honestly, I would forego pairing on this one. It is already flavored to taste exactly how the winery wanted it to and exactly how consumers of this style of wine want it to taste.

I would recommend pairing it with beach trips, hiking, concerts, and our house parties more than food.

But if you really want to give it a shot, try richer, sweeter dishes such as glazed ham with a pineapple sauce.

Just keep in mind that matching power with power on this one is going to crank the sweetness up to 11.

What Wines Are Similar to Stella Rosa Golden Honey Peach

Try the other offerings from Stella Rosa. Their Black Cherry is my personal favorite, but I have a weakness for cherry, so there is definitely some bias there.

They also offer red apple, green apple, their original Moscato, Stella Black, and many, many more, so there is sure to be a flavor in their line-up for just about everyone.

Alternatively, try one of the numerous Stella Rosa clones which are popping up. Dive Bar Moscato offers a lot of fun flavors, such as a tropical fruit medley.

They also offer a caramel apple-flavored Moscato, which is particularly fun and unique.

It is definitely one which I have not seen anyone else produce so far. And Tiny Umbrellas (which is insanely affordable) has a pineapple flavor that is pretty good.

Final Thoughts

This particular style of wine is not really my cup of tea, but I can see why it appeals to such a wide market.

It is sweet, crushable, affordable, and does not have any particular flaw, which makes it off-putting. Again, just look at it as having a wine-based cocktail when you approach it.