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Schlink Haus Riesling Spatlese Review

Schlink Haus Riesling Spatlese Review

Schlink Haus is a high-quality, old-school German brand that has been around since 1886, and is located in the heart of the German wine country, the Nahe.

The Nahe region is located right between the Mosel and the Rhein and boasts an impressive array of different soil types, including volcanic soils, sandstone, clay, limestone, and even slate!

All of this diversity helps lend complexity and deep flavor characteristics to the wines which are produced here.

The Schlink family is now at their fifth generation as far as winemaking goes and has been in the U.S. market for over thirty years, having been imported by Wein-Bauer, a group that has a keen eye for high-quality German juice.

Schlink Haus Riesling Spatlese Review

Schlink Haus is classified as a “Pradikatswein.” These wines are given a designation based on the ripeness of the grapes when they are harvested.

The sweeter the grape, the higher the potential alcohol and/or sweetness in the wine. Spatlese wines are rich and usually sweeter in style.

Schlink Haus Riesling Spatlese
  • Brand: Schlink Haus
  • Country: Germany
  • Region: Nahe
  • Wine Type: White Wine
  • Varietal: Riesling
  • ABV: 7.5%


This wine is a deep, bright yellow color in the glass. The wine is very light-bodied from the looks of it, as the legs fall like water down the glass.


Rich, luscious, tropical fruit scents fill the nose immediately.

Fresh pineapple, apricots, and overripe Meyer lemon make up the majority of the aromatics here. Notes of honey, fresh ginger, and diesel fuel fill the nose.

Pro-tip, petrol, and diesel are one of the more unique aromatic characteristics of high-quality German Riesling and are a dead giveaway if you are ever blind tasting!


Rich, sweet, and robust, all while being light and easy to drink.

This is an incredibly drinkable wine. The type which seemingly disappears like water in your glass on a warm spring day.

Apricots, nectarine, and pineapple wash over the tongue in waves with each and every sip.

The aftertaste is enhanced by the flavors of honeycomb and fresh flowers. There is a decent bit of sugar here, which is pretty normal for this style of Riesling.

What Does Schlink Haus Riesling Sptlese Pair With?

This is a great, food-friendly wine with a lot of pairing potential.

I tend to lean into foods with a bit of spice, as sugar and heat tend to mellow each other out while helping to bring out the flavor of both the food and the wine nicely.

Spicy sriracha cheddar, pepper jack, and horseradish cheddar all make for fantastic pairings here.

Fruits and veggies with a bit of natural sweetness do well here too.

Anything with coconut, bell peppers, and eggplant is an excellent choice. For heartier fare, I would recommend going with spicy foods such as hot Thai food and curry.

Specifically, I would go with a nice korma curry, as the coconut milk base really shines when paired with this bottle.

What Wines Are Similar to Schlink Haus Riesling Spatlese?

The obvious go-to choice here would be to try other wines from Schlink Haus. They will vary in ripeness and flavor profile but are all sourced from the same exceptional soil as their Spatlese Riesling.

For other varietals, I recommend Malvasia Bianca from Italy, Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley, and Pinot Blanc from Alsace.

The other obvious option would be to try Gewurztraminer, as it features a bit of the same richness, tropical fruit, low alcohol, and just overall drinkability that so many people enjoy from this style of wine.

Final Thoughts

This is a really fun wine for people who are just starting to get into wine, thanks to its overall enjoyability of it.

While the relatively high residual sugar will be off-putting to some, I still feel as though this is a serious, complex wine that is worth a spin for anyone who is a fan of lighter whites.