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Los Noques Finca Don Juan Malbec-cabernet Franc Review

Los Noques Finca Don Juan Malbec-cabernet Franc Review

The winery dates back to 1938 and, unlike other wineries built at that time, it was developed in a French style, with small concrete vases and underground cellars that are 4 meters deep.

The wines produced are allowed to mature in barrels and bottles with natural cool and humid weather in these cellars.

The vineyard is entirely estate owned and produced and is located at 1,078 meters above sea level.

The vineyard is relatively small and has a total area of 47.5 hectares. The wines are all produced in small batches, with each bottle being individually numbered.

Los Noques Finca Don Juan Malbec-cabernet Franc Review

Finca Don Juan is what would be referred to in the Champagne region as the winery’s “tête de cuvée,” essentially the top blend from the producer that best showcases their particular style.

The high-elevation, calcareous soil and warm growing season all help to lend exceptional depth and power to this bottle.

This wine has won numerous accolades, including being highly rated by several industry professionals and being awarded various gold and silver medals in domestically and internationally contests.

Los Noques Finca Don Juan Malbec-cabernet Franc Summary

  • Brand: Los Noques
  • Country: Argentina
  • Region: Uco Valley, in Mendoza
  • Wine Type: Red Wine
  • Varietals: Malbec and Cabernet Franc
  • ABV: 14.7%


The wine is incredibly dark and dense in the glass, sporting a lovely deep purple hue.

A few quick swirls reveal dense, powerful legs which form and fall very quickly.


This wine has some seriously powerful aromatics. The aromas start with dense, dark berries and heavy fruit.

Think plum sauce, wild blackberries, blueberries, and black cherries. There are pretty heavy floral and vegetal notes here, too, thanks to the hefty dose of Cabernet Franc.

I get lots of dried violet and ripe bell pepper notes on the back end here.


Rich and complex, without being overly fruit-bomby. Lovely floral notes, white pepper, cedar, and spice all play their parts nicely here.

The fruit characteristics are dark and brooding, with black cherry, wild raspberries, and overly ripe plum all mingling from start to finish.

Notes of oak, dark chocolate, vanilla bean, and tobacco come in on the finish and linger for quite a while on the tongue.

The texture here is really nice. Full-bodied, good tannin and ample acidity make it feel almost as though you are chewing the wine rather than drinking it.

If ever there was a wine built for rich meaty foods, this is definitely it.

What Does Los Noques Finca Don Juan Malbec-cabernet Franc Pair With?

I enjoy this wine with richer meats, personally. Go for options such as roasted duck, bison burgers, and lamb chops.

The big, rich fruit of the wine works particularly well with heavier sauces and marinades, so definitely don’t be afraid to go all-out with the flavor when you prep the food!

Other great options for this bottle would include brie and goat cheeses. Personally, I enjoy this bottle with lamb gyros topped with crumbled feta cheese.

What Wines Are Similar to Los Noques Finca Don Juan Malbec-cabernet Franc?

This is a pretty rare blend, but you can definitely get into the neighborhood with some great options.

I would start by trying Los Noques’ single varietal Cabernet Franc and Malbec bottlings.

From there, try of the Malbec wines from Nicolas Catena, they are all high-altitude and have a similar sense of power.

For a really fun option, try Chinon. While not terribly common, Chinon is Cabernet Franc produced in the Loire Valley in France and has ample structure and power, paired with some lovely floral aromatics similar to what you get from this bottle.

Final Thoughts

This is a super fun bottle, and the fact that it is a bit of an unconventional blend gets bonus points from me.

I would consider this to be a great option for anyone who is a fan of bigger, heavier red wines.