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Exhib’ Cap D’Agde Rosé Review

Exhib’ Cap D’Agde Rosé Review

The Cap d’Agde region, where this wine is sourced from, is on France’s Mediterranean coast in the Cotes de Thau. This area is located in the Languedoc-Roussillon area of France.

The vineyard itself is situated right between the Mediterranean sea and the hills of Thau.

The soils here are red and light-textured, featuringmuddy sand and sandclay. The area is a little rocky, and the soil is relatively deep.

This makes for ideal terrain to grow vines with deep roots, allowing for complexity and minerality to come through in the wines produced here.

Exhib’ Cap D’Agde Rosé Review

Rosé wine is produced using red wine varietals. The skins of red grapes touch wine for only a short period of time.

Rosé wines are tinted a lighter shade of red due to being in skin contact for just a few hours.

This wine is the picture of typicity for Mediterranean rosé. Influenced by hot, dry summers and rainy spring and autumn days.

The cooling winds coming in off of the Mediterranean help to preserve the grapes during the warmer season, allowing for production of classic, elegant wines.

Exhib’ Cap D’Agde Rosé Summary

  • Brand: Exhib’
  • Country: France
  • Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Wine Type: Rosé Wine
  • Varietals: Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache, and Syrah
  • ABV: 13%


The wine is a pretty pale pink in the glass, with soft, delicate legs forming when you give the glass a good swirl.


The aromatics scream springtime and outdoor activities. This wine is characterized by light floral notes and exhibits plenty of clean, fresh fruit and wild herbs. There are aromas of sweet cherries, ripe watermelon, wild strawberries, and zesty citrus fruit.


This is a fresh, clean, easy-drinking wine, and the taste largely follows the smells. Juicy strawberries, watermelons, tart cherries, grapefruit, and lemon zest come in waves.

There is ample acidity here, making for a deliciously mouth-watering sensation.

While fresh and fruity, this wine is by no means sweet. There is a bit of zippiness to it, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

What Does Exhib’ Cap D’Agde Rosé Pair With?

This is a super food-friendly wine, so we have a lot of options here. My personal preference would be to pair this bad boy with a cheese and meat board during a picnic on a warm summer day.

Something about the place and the experience simply makes the wine taste that much better.

No nice weather right now? No problem! Kick back indoors and enjoy this bottle with scallops, shrimp, or fish. A nice smoked fish works well with this bottle, and the freshness of the wine works really well with lightly smoky flavors.

This wine is also light enough to pair with delicate fares such as fruit medleys, salads, or a nice niçoise.

What Wines Are Similar to Exhib’ Cap D’Agde Rosé?

I would recommend trying a variety of other French Rosé. They all tend to be light, dry, clean, and easy to drink, but each region imparts a slightly different flavor and style, thanks in part to using different indigenous grape varietals in the blends.

Start by reaching for Rosé from Provence, which is widely considered to be the best region in the world for Rosé production. Some of the best offerings from there include Maison No. 9, Chateau Minuty, and Chateau d’Esclans.

If you want something easy to drink but want a more robust red wine flavor, I personally enjoy Rosé made with Pinot Noir from warmer climates. Think Angeline, Chalk Hill, and La Crema for some options to start with.

Final Thoughts

I thoroughly adore this wine. It offers a great option for warmer months if you are not feeling big, heavy reds but also are not a huge fan of white wines. I highly recommend reaching for a bottle of this during your next outing!