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Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon Review

This is one which I am particularly excited about, as it is one of my favorite bottles from one of my favorite producers.

This is Caterwaul’s entry-level label. While they are based out of Calistoga in Napa Valley, they source fruit from various premium sites across all of Napa.

Lead winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown is a modern California winemaking legend. He has consulted for some of the top producers in Napa Valley, including Schrader, Wallace Family, Round Pond, and many more.

He was the youngest man to ever receive a 100-point review from renowned wine critic Robert Parker and has since racked up over 30 100-point bottles since then.

Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon Review

I regularly joke that this may be the best bottle on the market for under $100, and I’m only kind of joking when I say that.

It offers up intensity and opulence, which you are usually paying twice the price for.

Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon

Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Brand: Caterwaul
  • Country: United States
  • Region: Napa Valley
  • Wine Type: Red Wine
  • Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • ABV: 14.5%


A deep red color in the glass, with large legs that drift slowly down the glass after a good swirl or two. It is immediately apparent that this wine has some weight to it.


Rich dark berries, plum, oak, and intense spices are the first aromas to fill the nose with a good sniff. Cocoa, black cherry, and anise come afterward.

Finally, to top it all off, there are lovely hints of dried violets, lavender, and just a bit of toast on the end here. As the wine decants and breathes, it slowly gives way to more and more depth.

This makes it especially fun to have across the course of a meal, as you can literally smell the wine evolving right under your nose.


This bottle really seems to have it all. Wild dark cherries, ripe blueberries and blackberries, oak, leather, and earthiness immediately wash over the tongue like a tidal wave.

Black pepper, cinnamon, and licorice are complimented by just the right amount of tobacco and vanilla bean.

The mouthfeel is powerful but silky. Fine, grainy tannins grip the tongue, and the modest acidity is just enough to get your mouth watering.

The finish is long, with the tannin and black fruit sticking around for quite some time after your last sip.

What Does Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon Pair With?

I personally enjoy this wine all on its own. That said, it is exceptional with food.

Give it a good decanting while you get together a wagyu beef burger, some truffle fries, and grilled asparagus, and your first bite and sip will be like a shot of pure endorphins.

For something a little more laid back, I love this bottle with a portion of hearty pasta, such as lasagne.

It has the structure and power to stand up to the rich meaty sauce, and the spice flavors in the wine will compliment the herbaceousness of your tomato sauce like nothing else.

What Wines Are Similar to Caterwaul Cabernet Sauvignon?

I thoroughly recommend exploring all of Thomas Rivers Brown’s offerings.

Kinsella Jersey Boys, Double Diamond, and Wallace Family are some of the more reasonably priced offerings which fall into this same sort of style.

If you want to branch out and try other producers, I strongly recommend Moone-Tsai Cabernet Sauvignon, Melka CJ from Philippe Melka, Amici Cabernet Sauvignon, and Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon.

They all have that same feeling of being powerful and intense without quite getting to the point of feeling as though they are kicking your teeth in.

Final Thoughts

I honestly don’t know what I can say about this bottle that hasn’t already been said. I was hesitant to try it at first due to the kitschy label.

But the second I learned who the winemaker was, I did not hesitate. I was not disappointed, and I guarantee that you will not be either.