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CA D’Gal Vite Vecchia Moscato D’Asti Review

CA D’Gal Vite Vecchia Moscato D’Asti Review

Ca d’Gal dates back all the way back to 1864. In 1980, hail in the region was so terrible that the patriarch, the original founder’s grandson, decided to pack it in and call it quits.

He was going to give up the family business of winemaking and was instead going to simply sell his grapes to the local cooperative.

This decision did not last very long, thankfully. In 1983, Alessandro, the fourth generation of this historical family, finished a degree in agriculture, traveled through France and Germany, and worked as an apprentice at various wineries.

By the late 1980s, he was back home with a passion and the desire to restart the family business in full force.

CA D’Gal Vite Vecchia Moscato D’Asti Review

The vines for this bottle are all over 60 years old, lending remarkable depth and flavor. After all of the grapes are hand-harvested, 5% undergo an “appassimento” method of drying out the grapes for concentration and intensity.

Then, the bottles are placed in wooden boxes and entirely covered with river sand to mature for 48 months. They are cellared afterward for further aging to add complexity.

The wine gives more of an impression of German Riesling masquerading as Moscato than it does the Moscato wines, which I am traditionally accustomed to.

CA D’Gal Vite Vecchia Moscato D’Asti Wine Summary

  • Brand: Ca d’Gal
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Asti, Piedmont
  • Wine Type: Dessert Wine
  • Varietal: Moscato Bianco di Canelli (a clone of its Muscat parent grape)
  • ABV: 5%


A worn golden color in the glass, which has deepened with age. It still has a remarkable freshness and effervescence to it despite how old this is for a bottle of Moscato.


Everything about this bottle showcases the winemaker’s time spent in Germany.

There is lean minerality, a bit of an almost petrol-like note (which is usually present in quality German Riesling), a spritz of lemon, and some secondary notes from aging.


Easily the most complex Moscato I have ever tasted. Slate, lemons and lime, crisp red apple, raw honey, and light earthy tones throughout. It is rich and flavourful without being too heavy, sweet, and lively without being saccharine or flat.

There is just enough acidity to balance out the noticeable amount of sugar present on the tongue. It is light, clean, and absolutely delicious.

What Does CA D’Galvitevecchia Moscato D’Asti Pair With?

Honestly, it is pretty hard to go wrong with this one, and it drinks well by itself.

But give it a go with some food featuring a good bit of spice and it will not only hold its own but bring out some wonderful flavor combinations.

I recommend tex-mex, Thai food, and Cajun cuisine. Personally. You could also do it with duck or roasted pork. My personal favourite pairing for this is barbecue, preferably with a sauce that has a good little bit of kick to it.

Try it, and you will be blown away by how well the marriage works!

What Wines Are Similar to CA D’Gal Vite Vecchia Moscato D’Asti?

Honestly, I would go straight for super-premium German Riesling since that is the style this is in. Bottles from Dr. Loosen, Dr.Heidemann, and Thanisch are incredible examples of this.

You could also go for other Moscato wines produced in the Asti region.

Just bare in mind that this is, at least as far as I have ever had the pleasure of tasting, easily the top of its class where Moscato is concerned.

Final Thoughts

An exceptional bottle. When I was first told that there was such a thing as “super-premium Moscato,” I admittedly thought that the idea was a bit crazy.

But having had it, I can honestly say that there is nothing else quite like it. It is an experience all its own and is certainly worth seeking out.