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What Wine Goes With Pork Tenderloin? Pairing Guide 

What Wine Goes With Pork Tenderloin? Pairing Guide 

Everybody is not a wine expert. Most people end up making impromptu decisions when it comes to wine pairings. However, spontaneous choices don’t always work regarding pork tenderloin. 

Yes, everyone has their favorite wine; there is an art to mastering pork tenderloin and wine pairings. There is no one wine pairing for pork tenderloin.

However, these wine suggestions will point you in the right direction to finding the perfect wine pairing for pork tenderloin. 

Do You Pair Red or White Wine With Pork Tenderloin?

Both red and white wine pair perfectly with pork. You can even serve sparkling wine with pork tenderloin. However, the wine pairing truly depends on the cooking method, the sauce, and the side dishes you choose to serve with the pork tenderloin. 

Considerations for Pork Tenderloin and Wine Pairings

Generally speaking, the wine pairing should have a similar flavor and richness level as pork tenderloin. This prevents the wine from overpowering the pork and the pork from overwhelming the wine. 

Pork tenderloin is generally lean. However, if it is served with a rich, fatty sauce, choose tannic or acidic wines to cut the dish’s richness.

Additionally, opt for an oaked white wine if you are serving pork tenderloin with a creamy sauce. Oaked white wines have high levels of tannins that cut through the fattiness of the cream sauce.  

If you season the pork tenderloin with spices, opt for a spicy wine like Zinfandel to balance out the flavors. Another option is a sweet wine which can ease the dish’s spiciness. 

Red wines are best for pork tenderloin served with red sauces. Lastly, pork tenderloin and mushrooms go with earthy wines like Pinot Noir. 

What Wine Pairs With Pork Tenderloin?

As I mentioned above, pork tenderloin is lean because it has minimal amounts of fat. So it requires a little more prep work to ensure it stays moist and flavorful. 

Therefore, pork tenderloin should be paired with wines that add moisture to them when choosing wine pairings. However, this does not mean you should pair pork tenderloin with robust, intensely flavored wines. 


If you are going to pair pork with red wine, choose a wine that counts. Syrah is a full-bodied red wine with tannin levels ranging from medium to high. Syrah has robust fruity flavors with a slightly peppery finish that pairs well with pork tenderloin. 


If you are cooking your pork tenderloin with apples, Chardonnay is the best pairing. Chardonnay is dry and ranges from medium-bodied to full-bodied with mild acidity and tannins. 

Chardonnay has fruity flavors of apple, papaya, lime, and pineapple. It may also have a subtle vanilla flavor if it is aged in an oak barrel. 

The fruity flavors of Chardonnay pair perfectly with the apple-infused pork tenderloin


Lastly, Zinfandel is a robust, smoky, and fruity red wine. Ironically enough, some wine experts think Zinfandel is as sweet as BBQ sauce, even though it is not an extremely sweet red wine. The sweet flavor combined with the smoky flavor reminds them of BBQ sauce. 

Zinfandel can range from medium-bodied to light-bodied. Its tannin levels can also vary. 

Medium-bodied Zinfandel pairs well with pork tenderloin. It has a fruity flavor that enhances the flavors of the meat. Zinfandel’s complex flavor also helps balance out the flavor of pork tenderloin coated with spices

The smoky flavor of the Zinfandel also complements pork tenderloin cooked or served with earthy mushrooms. Furthermore, the subtle note of black pepper blends perfectly with the meat.  

Pinot Grigio 

The subtle flavor of tenderloin automatically pairs well with Pinot Grigio. There are a few different styles of Pinot Grigio. However, when it comes to pork tenderloin, French and Italian Pinot Grigio wines stand out the most. 

Italian Pinot Grigio has a smooth texture that leaves your palette refreshed after consuming pork tenderloin. In contrast, French Pinot Grigio has fruity flavors that add more flavor to the pork tenderloin. 


One of the ways some restaurants decrease the risk of the pork tenderloin becoming dry is to stuff the meat. The stuffing keeps the pork moist while it cooks and adds additional flavor to the meat. 

Pork tenderloin can be stuffed with apples, onions, raisins, chutney, mushrooms, or rice. Therefore, not only do you need to find a pairing for the pork tenderloin, but you need to find a wine that pairs with the stuffing too. 

Riesling is a versatile white wine that pairs perfectly with stuffed pork tenderloin. Riesling is crisp and acidic, so it will complement anything ingredients you stuff the pork tenderloin with. Riesling has fruity and citrus flavors of green apple, pear, lime, apricot, lemon, and tangerine. 

Riesling wine also has a bit of minerality that adds an added depth of flavor to the stuffed pork tenderloin. 

Riesling can range from brut to extremely sweet. However, an off-dry Riesling is best for pork tenderloin with a fruit-flavored filling. 

Off-dry Riesling has a kiss of sweetness, but it will not overpower the meat or clash with the fruit-flavored filling. 

In contrast, for savory, earthy fillings such as rice or mushrooms, serve dry Riesling. Dry Riesling has an earthy flavor that matches up with the earthy filling. 


Malbec is the perfect red wine pairing for stuffed pork tenderloin. Malbec is filled with plum and berry fruity flavors that complement the pork tenderloin. 

Malbec works even better if you serve the pork tenderloin with a red sauce. It does not matter whether you choose Argentinian or French Malbec, as they are both compatible with pork tenderloin. 

However, Argentinian Malbec has lower tannin levels and a stronger fruit flavor which brings out the delicate sweetness of the stuffed pork tenderloin. 

Final Thoughts

Pork tenderloin is a delicate bit flavorful meal, so you need a wine that elevates the meat instead of overpowering it. Since you read this article, you no longer have to worry about pairing pork tenderloin with the wrong wine.

You have the guidelines you need to find the perfect pork tenderloin and wine pairing that suits your palette.