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What Wine Goes With Burger? Pairing Guide

What Wine Goes With Burger? Pairing Guide

Burgers are the perfect foods. There are so many types of burgers and so many beverages you can pair them with.

However, most people pair beer with burgers. However, what if I told you there was a better pairing for burgers?

Wine is the perfect pairing for a hearty burger. It lifts the rich burger from your palette and leaves you feeling super refreshed.

Does Red or White Wine Go Better With Burgers?

The wine pairing rules state red wines go well with red meats, and white meats go well with red wines. Since burgers can be made with several ingredients, including beef, chicken, vegetables, and seafood, both red and white wines can be paired with burgers. 

For example, beef burgers pair well with red wines. In contrast, chicken burgers pair well with white wines.

What Wine Pairs With a Burger?

When it comes to burgers, the wine pairings will depend on the ingredients, such as the meat. However, the sauces and toppings can also affect the pairing.

Chicken Burgers 

Lighter meats like chicken and seafood need light-bodied wines. These wines will not overpower the chicken’s delicate flavors.

However, the wine needs some acidity and structure to handle the flavors of the burger’s ingredients.

Grüner Veltliner works well for chicken burgers seasoned with garlic, herbs, and lemon. 

Grüner Veltliner has flavors of lime, lemon, and grapefruit. These flavors add a bright acidity that cleanses the palette.

However, it also has green herbal notes that are reminiscent of white pepper that contrast beautifully with the chicken burger.

Fish Burgers 

Fish burgers also have a delicate flavor. However, the wine pairing will depend on the kind of fish usedto make the burger.

For example, Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect wine for fish burgers. Sauvignon Blanc has crisp, fruity notes that provide a refreshing burst of flavor.

Unoaked Chardonnay or Riesling wine also pairs well with salmon burgers.

In contrast, red wines such as light-bodied Beaujolais Villages pair well with salmon burgers,

Gouda Burgers 

Gouda Burgers pair well with Cabernet Sauvignon. Gouda cheese is fairly salty.

Salt can make your mouth feel dry. Cabernet Sauvignon can make your mouth feel less dry.

The soft tannins and fruity flavor provide a refreshing twist to the rich gouda burger.

Classic Cheeseburgers

Classic cheeseburgers feature sharp, tangy cheddar cheese. This adds a rich creaminess to the burger.

Wines such as Reserva Rioja, Cabernet, Chianti, and Montalcino Rosso work best for cheeseburgers.

These wines have higher tannins. They have savory flavors of roasted peppers, tomatoes, and black currants.

These flavors enhance the savory flavor of the cheeseburger.

Vegetarian Burgers

Vegetarian burgers have a texture that is different from regular burgers. They are typically seasoned with herbs which give the burgers a savory flavor.

Chardonnay and Tempranillo are the perfect wines for vegetarian burgers. These wines have a smooth viscosity and citrus notes that enhance the flavors of the vegetables.

Turkey Burgers 

Turkey burgers are often served with toppings such as feta cheese or guacamole. Rose wines are perfect for turkey burgers.

Rose wines have relatively low levels of tannins, so they will not overpower the mild flavor of the turkey burger. The slight acidity cleanses the palette from the salty, rich flavor of the cheese.

Black Bean Burgers 

Black bean burgers are loaded with bell peppers, onions, and spices. Black bean burgers are almost as hearty as meat burgers.

Therefore, they can stand up to the flavor of Rioja wine. Rioja has the perfect balance of fruits, oak, spices, and tannins. 

The flavors pair perfectly with the hearty black bean burgers. The acidity of the wines enhances the fresh toppings such as lettuce and tomatoes.

In contrast, if you make your black bean burgers with mushrooms, it may be best to pair the burgers with Pinot Noir.

The Pinot Noir has earthy notes that will pair perfectly with the mushrooms in the burgers.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Mushroom Swiss burgers have an umami flavor due to the mushrooms. Swiss burgers are usually topped with a nutty slice of smooth Swiss cheese.

Merlot, Bordeaux, and Nebbiolo wines are perfect for Swiss mushroom burgers. These wines have a rich earthy flavor that accentuates the earthiness of the burgers.

Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger

Barbecue bacon cheeseburgers are loaded with robust flavor. BBQ bacon cheeseburgers consist of meaty beef burgers topped with salty, crunchy bacon and sweet and smoky BBQ sauce.

Zinfandel, MourvèdreShiraz, and Syrah pair perfectly with BBQ bacon cheeseburgers. The wines will stand up to the intense flavors of the burger. The acidity will also help cleanse the palette.

Keto Burgers

Just because you’re on the keto diet does not mean you cannot enjoy a glass of wine with a keto burger. Keto burgers are often wrapped with a lettuce leaf instead of the traditional hamburger bun.

Red wine goes perfectly with keto burgers. Gamay or Beaujolais work perfectly with keto burgers.

They are light with a fresh fruity flavor. Since they have the perfect acidity and light tannins, they will balance out the keto burger with pout overpowering its flavor.

Aussie Burger 

Aussie burgers are Australian burgers that consist of a beef burger topped with beetroot, bacon, pineapples, a fried egg, lettuce, and tomatoes.

This burger is topped with many ingredients, so it requires a big, bold wine to balance the flavor.

A glass of Shiraz pairs well with an Aussie burger. The robust, ripe fruity flavor contrasts beautifully with the sweet pineapples and earthy beets. T

he creaminess of the eggs pairs well with the tannins in the wine. The rich tannins also help cleanse the palette from the robust flavor of the burgers.

Final Thoughts 

Burgers are the perfect food. There are so many different burgers and toppings, so there are several different wine pairings.

As long as you pair your burger with the right pairing, t will be extremely delicious. Remember, some burgers pair better with certain wines than others.

So use this list to ensure you have the perfect wine burger pairings.